Gwilym Sims-Williams.

Writer. Producer. Storyteller.

Hey, my name’s Gwilym 👋

I’m a YouTube scriptwriter, producer, and consultant.

I produce Bryan Johnson’s 700k+ subscriber YouTube channel.

I’ve also scripted 20+ YouTube videos as Ali Abdaal’s chief writer, getting 14 million views, and written 60+ issues of Ali’s 500k-subscriber newsletter.

Other clients I’ve worked with include Leila Gharani, Oliur/Ultralinx, Matt Gray, Fitt Capital, and the University of Cambridge.

Before working in YouTube I studied English Literature at Cambridge, and graduated top of my year at Edinburgh.

I’m currently available for new projects

I’d love to work with you. Here’s how I can help:

📝 YouTube Scriptwriting
  • Dynamic, well-researched videos for your channel.
  • Multiple rounds of feedback to perfect each script.
🔬 YouTube Consulting
  • Hire me to consult on your YouTube channel or scripts, either as a one-off or on a recurring basis.
  • We’ll discuss how you can improve your videos, and present ideas in a clear, engaging way.
📮 Growing Your Newsletter
  • I can help you start or grow your own newsletter, to build a direct connection with your audience.
  • Ghostwriting, editing, or video consultations.

Interested in working together?

Contact me here and I’ll aim to email you back within 48 hours.

My Work with Ali


📝 YouTube Scripts

I researched and wrote 20+ video scripts as Ali’s chief writer, getting 12,000,000+ views.

📮 Newsletter

As the main writer for Ali’s Sunday Snippets newsletter, I hit an average email open rate of 50%. Industry standard for creators is just 21.39%.

🎓 Courses

I designed & wrote Ali’s YouTube for Beginners + Camera Confidence courses. I also co-wrote his Creatorpreneur course.

My Work

Video Scripts


Contact Me

If you’re interested in working together, tell me about your project and I’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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